Test Your Knowledge

Take the following "True or False" test to learn about the facts myths concerning suicide.
(Information provided, in part, by the American Association of Suicidology)

1. People who talk about suicide don't really do it.

2. Talking about suicide encourages it. The best thing to do is ignore it.

3. Only a certain type of person commits suicide.

4. Suicide is a lower class phenomenon or suicide occurs in only certain ethnic groups.

5. Suicide is inherited and runs in certain families.

6. Suicidal people are mentally ill.

7. People under a psychiatrist's care rarely commit suicide.

8. An unsuccessful attempt at suicide is not to be taken seriously.

9. When a person talks about killing her/himself, s/he is just looking for attention.

10. When a person attempts suicide or commits suicide, it usually is an impulsive act.

11. If a person has been depressed and the depression starts to lift then s/he is finally out of danger.

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