New / Unlisted Resources

If you or someone you know is offering a service you think may be of use to the community, please let us know.  You may submit this information by filling out the following webform or email the information to

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Crisis Clinic/Peninsulas' 2-1-1 Provider Profile

The complete Provider Profile for Resource Additions form for the Crisis Clinic and Peninsulas' 2-1-1 is available online.  The following the links are MS Word documents that collect the information we need for our database.  These documents may either be printed our and mailed in, or the documents come with fillable forms, so you may email the completed records to  For community resources that have multiple physical locations and/or multiple types of services print (or email) multiple copies of the 211 Site and 211 Service documents for each additional site or service.
If you need assistance, need a copy sent to you, or have other concens about adding your resource contact database manager for futher assistance.
Cory Derenburger
Database Manager - CRS/CIRS
Peninsulas' 2-1-1 / Crisis Clinic of the Peninsulas
(360) 415-5876 or dial 2-1-1 and ask for 'Cory'