Our Mission:

To provide crisis intervention, utilizing state of the science delivery systems, information and referral services, and supportive listening by telephone to people in the community who are experiencing situational distress.

Birth of the Crisis Clinic

It was 1965 in Kitsap County. A steak dinner at Crazy Eric's cost only $1.00, bread was only 25 cents, and bell bottoms and tie dyes were the craze. Several concerned lay people and local clinicians saw the need in the community to have a "Crisis Hotline," a place people could call, talk over problems, and go away feeling better about life.
The Clinic started with 8 "housewives" taking calls during the day and 25 professionals taking calls in the evening. To avoid over-taxing the volunteers, branches of emergency services selectively provided the number. Calls averaged about one every other day. Volunteers would follow up on callers to see how they were doing.

Current Status

To date, the Crisis Clinic has had a consistent stream of volunteers pass through its doors. Their dedication and faithful service provided the foundation that allows us to continue to be the third oldest crisis line in the United States.
We currently have over 30 volunteer paraprofessionals, including two of the original "housewives."  Our volunteers serve the residents of Kitsap, Clallam and Jefferson Counties, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The once selectively distributed phone number is now published in the phone book, printed on business cards, and and posted throughout the community. Our highly trained volunteer paraprofessionals enjoy a working relationship with clinicians while fielding over 18,000 calls annually.


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